In case you missed it…

by Jen Chau and Carmen Van Kerckhove

Every Friday afternoon we sum up the week’s best posts from New Demographic‘s various projects. Here we go!

Race Changers
a community of people working towards an anti-racist future, one week at a time

  • Assignment 2 – Stereotypes and You: “Was there a time that you made a generalization and were proved wrong? Do you find yourself subscribing to any stereotypes now? If you do find yourself giving in to any stereotypes, why do you think you believe them to be true? Can you point to any instances where the stereotype does not hold true?”

a blog about the intersection of race and pop culture

  • Halle Berry to star in movie based on white woman’s life: It’s based on the true story of a teacher who accepted a challenge from her sixth grade class to run for Congress. But get this: the original woman was white.
  • Eddie Murphy in yellowface: Murphy plays a dorky, meek Black man adopted as a child by an old Asian man and, in adulthood, who is dominated by a fat black woman stereotype. The catch? Murphy plays Norbit, Norbit’s girlfriend, and the Asian man who adopts him.
  • Angelina Jolie in brownface as Mariane Pearl: Click over to see the photo. That says it all, really.
  • Burger King ‘Eat Like a Snake’ commercial: Why a snake? And why does the Asian man have to do a bunch of kung fu right at the end there?
  • Maury paternity test for biracial child: this clip also says a lot about how interracial relationships and interracial sex are framed. The focus is on the humiliation of the cuckolded white man, whose wife can’t resist the sexual power of the black man. Not coincidentally, that’s pretty much of the plot of every interracial pornographic film too.

Addicted to Race
a podcast about America’s obsession with race

  • Episode 43: Jen rants about the “ohmygodyou’rejewishnoway!” reactions she receives each year around the Jewish holidays. Carmen interviews Matthew Creamer, a reporter for the industry publication Advertising Age, about the New York City Human Rights Commission’s investigation into the advertising industry’s hiring practices. The staffs at ad agencies are so lacking in diversity that the entire industry is under investigation.

New Demographic
an anti-racism training company

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