Please nominate us for a Bloggie award!

by Carmen Van Kerckhove

Anti-Racist Parent is a new kid on the block around the blogosphere, and we’d love to get the word out.

Please consider nominating us for a Weblog Award in the Best New Weblog category (3rd to last from the bottom). Thank you so much! :)

The Weblog Awards are a non-profit project created in 2001 to award the best blogs. All the Bloggie winners are chosen by the public.

Note that you have to nominate a minimum of three blogs, so you might want to nominate the blogs of our columnists as well! In no particular order: Our Kind of Parenting, Twice the Rice, this woman’s work, American Family, chookooloonks, Harlow’s Monkey, Third Mom, and daddy in a strange land.

Here are the rules:

  • Only one nomination form and one finalist voting form may be submitted per person.
  • E-mail addresses are required to vote. You must use your own address and confirm the validation e-mail.
  • If you attempt to submit a second ballot, your first one will be replaced.
  • In the nomination phase:
    • URLs are required.
    • The maximum number of weblogs you may nominate for a category is three (3) for most categories and four (4) for Weblog of the Year.
    • At least three (3) different weblogs total must be nominated.
    • There is no limit to the number of categories a weblog may be nominated for.
    • Nominees have to fit the category they are placed in.
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