Recommended reading

by Anti-Racist Parent special correspondent Colin Bowden

Biting my tongue: Weighing pros and cons of reacting to insensitivity – Kimchi Mamas
When is it right to act against insensitive and offensive comments? When is it wrong? Mama Nabi confronts this complexity head-on at her sister’s wedding, and takes an interesting choice of action.

Handling Racism as a Child – Upside-Down Adoption
“I want to take a very close look at the statement that “parents of color are better equipped to teach their children how to handle racism”. It’s a statement that’s very important for transracial and intraracial adoption. It often gets dropped into a debate or a conversation and just left there.”

how to make me angry – bloogs blowing by
“He was a middle-aged white male, and clearly I was getting sketchy vibes from him. Did he not realize that I was in the process of backing the stroller OUT of the coffee shop?”

But do we really need another princess? – Mamazilla
“Ok, so we could use a little more diversity amongst the awkward rebellious teenaged Disney royalty but another princess? Can’t Disney animate a few dozen more everyday humdrum girls of color? It sounds like that’s what we really need.”

Freed teen: ‘I feel like I have a 2nd chance – Chicago Tribune
Shaquanda Cotton, the 14 yr old girl jailed for 7 years in Texas for pushing a school hall monitor, has been released after a year of imprisonment. With bloggers patting themselves on the back and Texas officials trying to cover their arses, it looks like Ms. Cotton will finally get a chance to live her normal life once again. Personally, I say tell people this when they say there’s no such thing as judicial racism or institutionalized racism anymore.

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