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by Anti-Racist Parent special correspondent Colin Bowden

The blindfold of “colorblind” Pt.1 – Ethnically Incorrect Daughter
“As I’ve mentioned many times before, my family practiced a kind of colorblindness when it came to me. I guess they figured if they didn’t “see” my color, no one else would. The problem is that other people did notice and on occasion, made it very clear. Try as I might, my blindfold didn’t fit quite as snuggly as that worn by my adoptive family.”

How does one bring up race to a transracial adoptee? As Ethnically Incorrect Daughter would tell us, “colorblindness” is not the strategy to use.

My Response to a Comment Left by a Potential Transracial/Transnational Adoptive Mother – Rachel’s Tavern
“Does being privileged really make one a good parent? What about values such as respect, honesty, compassion, and determination. It seems to me that those are values that make a good parent, not one’s saving account balance or the number of degrees on the wall.”

A worthy question methinks, as it can touch not only on privilege, but also how we think about how we want to raise our children, what we want our country, our world to look like in the coming years, etc. What values are important to pass on, what values are not as important?

Culture Shock by Melissa Eva Miller – Babble
Thanks Jason! A woman (Miller) who traveled overseas to adopt a Chinese girl tries to show Brangelina what they’re in for, both the positives and negatives of transracial/transnational adoption. A touching story, though there are moments where I personally felt that there seemed to be a slight lack of cultural consciousness on the mother’s part. (“she no longer remembers Chinese…she would even shy away from anyone who looked Asian” = good?) A good read and in my opinion, a bit thought provoking.

Trippin’ to Disneyland – Los Angelista’s Guide To The Pursuit Of Happiness
Liz is taking her kids to Disneyland, but she’s not exactly excited about it herself. Check out why; it touches on some very clear and evident problems with Disney, holds a bit of hope out, and even is a little humorous — good read indeed.

Educating the Educators – Resist Racism
“Why isn’t curriculum addressing racism mandatory for educators? Why are so many important issues not covered–or even mentioned–when student teachers and administrators are being educated? Some years back I found out that the teacher certification program here required just one class in “cultural diversity.” That class did not need to be about teaching. It could be any college-level class about a racial “other.””

What an important, and as a college student myself, poignant question to me, and I hope to each of you as well. Why aren’t the people teaching future generations?

Why Don Imus Won’t Be Fired From WFAN Or MSNBC – Post Chronicle
“With Imus twisting in the wind, it is fascinating to watch his mostly liberal collaborators in the media try to avoid being affected by the stench. They all went on the show in the past knowing that that he specializes in making fun of people. But they excused that in order to reach his audience and, in many cases, sell their books.”

While it’s a political piece with more than its fair share of angry biases and blah blah blah, I think little nuggets like the above portion make it interesting to read.

UPDATE: Seems quite true. NBC News has tried to look like they’re getting it, and they have “suspended” Imus’ show from their simulcasts on MSNBC for, (sigh) 2 weeks. And the bigwigs at CBS radio have followed suit in slapping Imus on the hand.

Korean Mother Connection – Kimchi Mamas
“When your mother is born in a foreign country, you can’t help but be exposed to her culture. You metabolize it. It becomes a part of you—half of you, really. When that parent eventually dies, that connection to the original country is weakened and risks becoming lost. It is up to you, the American-born child, to preserve that thread.”

Bill That Could Free Genarlow Wilson Dies in Session; Site Launched on Sex and the Law – Black America Web
“A bill that could have freed Genarlow Wilson, a Georgia teen sentenced to 10 years in prison for having consensual oral sex with a 15-year-old girl at a teenage sex party, is dead for the state legislative session.”

The point of me putting this article is to remind that antiquated laws and apathetic politics are ready opportunities for institutional racism to rear its ugly head. My hope is that when we talk about race, we are able to work in some talk about how current and past politics plays a role in daily life.

After the adoption, support group helps with adaptation – New Haven Register
“As the number of international adoptions increase in this country, adoption agencies and adoptive parents and kids are seeking out ways to make children feel comfortable with their new country, their old countries and most importantly, in their own skin. Lutheran Social Services of New England of Rocky Hill, a statewide, licensed child-placing agency, has created a Post-Adoption Resource Center that offers discussions, educational and support programs, special events, clinical support and counseling services across the state.”

Now I don’t particularly agree with much of this article’s positions, but I recommend you all read it and make your own opinions.

Recommended Reading is a weekly feature where we link to some of our favorite parenting-related blog posts and articles. If you would like to suggest a link to Colin, please email

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