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by Anti-Racist Parent special correspondent Colin Bowden

When Black People Sing Brown Music – My American Meltingpot

If White people must justify and defend their right to sing “Black music” how do you explain Beyonce singing in Spanish? She may be from Texas, but she’s no Latina.

Are blacks misappropriating Latino culture? And maybe not as important, does Spanish just sound better?

at a loss – bloogs blowing by

How does one guide young children through a changing family? Is it something a parent alone can do or is it also a test of a child’s mental toughness and bravery? The frankness shown in this article is indicative of some of the beauty blogs offer, and that’s what I like about this read.

Conference on Fathers and Men in the Foster Care System – Upside-Down Adoption

The main theme of the conference: the role of men is crucial in all aspects of parenting. Sadly, it’s so crucial because so many children in the system have already been let down by men in their lives.

I’m not sure why, but I feel ashamed just hearing that.

This is my favorite of the blogs I’ve read this week; it gives a lot of notes and opinion, and I think you’ll like it too.

Naming, renaming and reclaiming: A ?-part series – Twice the Rice

Imagine the incredulous looks of doubt and surprise that I encountered every time I stood up in the doctor’s office or at the DMV. Imagine the battery of invasive follow-up questions fired like rounds of bullets from machine guns as strangers interrogated me on just who I was anyway, where I came from, how I got that name, what language I spoke, what race my parents were, and other inquiries related to why I even existed in their white Midwestern space in the first place.

MSNBC’s Bold Post-Imus Move: Another White Guy (by John Ridley) – Huffington Post

Okay, so more Huffington. I know, I know, I said I didn’t like Huffington Post, and I don’t, but this is an article I like. Ridley accuses (more like “points out”) MSNBC of replacing one white guy with another, and it’s very little published detail about ImusGate; NBC News is showing once more how disinterested the media is in inclusivity and how much more important superficial morality is to their bottom line.

On the day Imus was fired – on MSNBC ironically – I wished aloud that NBC News would make an attempt at diversity and replace the I-Man with someone who was not more of the same.

Clearly, if anyone was listening, they didn’t care.

So, now, instead of a fresh perspective, we are treated to yet another version of the I-man with a better-kept dome.

Immortal Technique:Rock The Boat (Part I) [Interview] –

Firstly, there’s a LOT of language children and very discerning adults would probably be better not seeing. That said, after seeing Cam’ron on 60 Minutes telling kids not to talk to police I tried to look for a less ign’nt voice for the “stop snitchin’” community to maybe help give the debate over the “Stop Snitchin’” campaign a little more balance. Underground artist Immortal Technique gave me, in part, that voice, and I would like to share that with you. Here’s a pretty clean version.

[Officers] want people to take the stand? Maybe they should walk around the blue wall of silence and take the stand themselves. They want Latinos and Blacks to snitch on each other? They want the ’hood to snitch on itself? I’ve never seen an officer take the stand against another one and be like, Yeah, your honor, I saw my partner bash that kid’s head in ’cause he was Black and had an attitude.

Now, there’s something to be said about the personal responsibility of people to report crime whenever they see it, even if the police are not, but I do wonder, why aren’t police or the government held to the same standard? And sure cooperation with law enforcement is critical to the betterment of the urban communities of America, but isn’t governmental and bureaucratic transparency as well? Lastly, in the 60 Minutes interview, Cam’ron talked about how much it’d hurt his and the hip hop industry’s economic interests to end the “Stop Snitchin” campaign. How big a deal is the money? Is it the WHOLE deal? Is Immortal Technique the only one or one of the few to really think of this as a moral issue?

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