Ask ARP: Where can I find a Bible with racially realistic portrayals?

Dear Anti-Racist Parent:

Do you have suggestions for children’s Bibles (or Christian-themed books) that have realistic and non-racist portrayals of Biblical characters and children represented in them? Any thoughts on the Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Heidi C.

From the Editor:

I am really out of my element on this question, but I imagine some of ARP’s readers can help. Every illustrated Bible I have seen has included images that remake Biblical characters in the image of the primary reader.

We’ve all seen the Eurocentric illustrations featuring silky blond and blue-eyed Jesus. I have long thought that this generally-accepted remaking of historical Jesus has played a central role in establishing Euro-supremacy in our culture. In response, many black churches have Bibles in the pew where everyone pictured is African in ancestry. Do Christian worshippers of other races do this too? I haven’t come across many Bibles, but I have yet to see one that makes an effort in historical, racial accuracy in its illustrations.

To try to answer your questions, I tried Googling..tried pouring through some of the illustrated Christian books on Amazon and other sites…I got nothing. Readers, does anyone have suggestions for Heidi?



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