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At Mother Talkers, Gloria writes about a family trip to the Museum of Tolerance:

This weekend, my kids, which included my almost 15 year old niece Ryan, and I were joined by my friend Natasha and her daughter Caitlyn, who is 10 years old. We decided to do something a little different, and took the kids to The Museum of Tolerance. The tour started with with footage of 9/11, then went on to the Civil Rights Movement, and Martin Luther King’s I Have A Dream speech, which is where Cristian lost it. I asked him why he was crying, to which he explained that he was upset over the racism and segregation and worried about history repeating itself. He worried over having to ride a different bus than Karina, which I thought was adorable considering he’s never ridden a bus. I kindly reminded him of that fact, and I also reminded him that Barack Obama was running for President. That seemed to cheer him up.

Then, we went into the Holocaust Exhibit. Before walking in, everyone is provided with a card that has the name and picture of a child affected by the Holocaust. Once you walk into the exhibit, you’re encouraged to slide your card into a monitor that details part of the story of your child. Then we went through the exhibit, where details of the atrocities were explained in great detail, along with video footage. It was intense. Read more…

At Kimchi Mamas, Jae Ran reacts to a recent LA Times article on Latinos of Korean ancestry:

I am often really interested in the intersection of race, ethnicity, culture and nationality. What is “essentialist” in us and what is culture bound? This article about ethnic Koreans who grow up as Latino/a in Mexico and Cuba was so fascinating. Of course I think about Korean Americans – those of us who may be third or fourth generation ethnic Koreans but feel culturally “American” and may no longer speak Korean at all, or read it, have never eaten Korean food, have no knowledge of Korean history. It made me wonder about how many generations before the Koreans in Mexico had shed all ties to Korea. Was it after the second generation? And how kind of funny to me that in the LA Times story, these Korean-Mexican young people traveled to LA to learn more about their Korean heritage. Read more…

Check out ARP columnist Deesha Philyaw’s new Web site, Co-Parenting 101, launched with her ex-husband:

After our marriage ended, we became the poster-children for divorce amongst our circle of friends and colleagues. We wished we could have been the poster children for successful marriage, but it didn’t work out that way…

In the wake of our divorce and despite the problems that ended our marriage, we have managed to establish a successful, congenial co-parenting relationship which allows our children to thrive and which causes those who know us to ask, “How in the world do you do it?”

We are not, however, advocates for divorce. In fact, we tell couples who seek our advice to only consider divorce as their very last option. We won’t debate whether staying together “for the sake of the kids” is best for children. That’s a personal decision each thoughtful couple must make for themselves. But we’ve heard from many co-parents who report that using “for the sake of the kids” as the glue to hold their marriages together didn’t work ultimately. This site is a resource for those parents and for others who find themselves parenting after divorce or separation for whatever reason.

We hope the articles, essays, and resources herein will be useful to you and your family. We invite you to lurk, comment, ask questions, and share your stories with us. From time to time, we’ll post stories about our co-parenting life as well…like this one.

Best wishes for a successful co-parenting journey!

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