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Not anti-racist parenting: Angry Asian Man reports on a BBC presenter fired for demanding of a taxi service that they not to send an Asian driver to pick up her daughter because “a guy with a turban on is going to freak her out.” Hat tip to Ken at Pope Hat, which covered the incident as well.

In Dancing with Maddy, Mocha Momma writes about coming to know the daughter she placed for adoption years ago:

When I write I try to sit in a quiet place and let the words come to me after having rolled my thoughts around in my brain for the entirety of a day. By the end of the day I have my topic, my thesis, and I just roll it out without stopping long enough to consider if I split infinitives. It’s come too easily for me thus far and I sort of hate that right now because trying to form sentences about what is going on with me is nearly impossible. It’s the most intensely personal and even shameful thing I’ve kept close to my heart, so putting it out there for others to read about and experience as I’m going through it is thorny and complicated.

First, there are all the people involved to consider. My daughter has her own parents, her own brothers and her own life absent of me. She is as raw as I am and, while we hold tight to one another as we navigate this unchartered territory, it is our story. I would never want to hurt anyone, whether they are an adoptive parent or birth parent, and I don’t have all the answers. All I have is what we are doing as we get to know one another. Read more…


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Tami Winfrey Harris writes about race, feminism, politics and pop culture at the blog What Tami Said. Her work has also appeared online at The Guardian’s Comment is Free, Ms. Magazine blog, Newsweek,, Huffington Post and Racialicious. She is a graduate of the Iowa State University Greenlee School of Journalism. She is mom to two awesome stepkids and spends her spare time researching her family history and cultivating a righteous 'fro.
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