Starting tomorrow: Diversity Career Success

by Carmen Van Kerckhove

Just a final reminder that my one-time-only, 5-part tele-course starts TOMORROW…

Diversity Career Success:
How to Take Your Organization From Culturally Clueless to Diversity Dynamo (and Skyrocket Your Own Career While You’re At It)

If you’re involved in any way with your organization’s diversity efforts – whether you’re the Chief Diversity Officer or simply a volunteer in your organization’s diversity employee networking group – this course is designed just for you.

The fact is, while diversity training for employees abounds, there’s very little out there for those of you who do diversity work. You’re largely left to go it alone. Your boss may give lip service to the cause, but half the time you’re dancing somewhere between feeling completely unsupported and filling a role that’s little more than a legal checkbox.

If you’re sick of the same old CYA tactics, join me as I show you how to get your ideas taken seriously by senior management and share with you sensible, actionable solutions that actually work in the real world.

At the end of the course, you’ll walk away with a blueprint that you’ve customized based on your organization type, your organization’s needs, and your own role within the organization. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, after all, and what you’re able to accomplish as a junior-level employee is very different than what you can get done when you’re a senior executive.

Reserve your spot today!

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