ARP Links: Princess Tiana edition

Racialicious columnists Nadra and Andrea are working on a review of “The Princess and the Frog,” which we will crosspost here. In the meantime, check out the Racialicious open thread on the movie. It includes several observations on the Disney flick, including one  from Jeff Yang:

Jeff Yang and I had a long (think two hours) conversation about the Princess and the Frog, the nature of Princess, media versus non black media, and all kinds of other topics.  A few snippets of the discussion made it into Jeff’s Asian Pop column for the San Francisco Chronicle.  But what stood out to Jeff the most upon viewing the film wasn’t racial politics.  It was conservatism… Read more…

In the open thread, Latoya also notes Allison Samuels new column in Newsweek that asserts black women and girls of dating age should take a page from Princess Tiana’s book and date more non-black men. I addressed Samuels in a post on What Tami Said.

This weekend, Pia of Adios Barbie and Love Isn’t Enough sent me a link to Allison Samuels’ latest column at Newsweek, where she applauds Princess Tiana of Disney’s latest “The Princess and the Frog” for choosing a non-black prince. Now, let me say upfront that I may have too much Samuels-related baggage to properly evaluate the writer’s columns. I’ve been giving her writing the side-eye since Zaharagate. But something in the way she implies that the answers to black women’s romantic challenges can be found in the arms of the closest non-black man bothers me. Read more…

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Tami Winfrey Harris writes about race, feminism, politics and pop culture at the blog What Tami Said. Her work has also appeared online at The Guardian’s Comment is Free, Ms. Magazine blog, Newsweek,, Huffington Post and Racialicious. She is a graduate of the Iowa State University Greenlee School of Journalism. She is mom to two awesome stepkids and spends her spare time researching her family history and cultivating a righteous 'fro.
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