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Here’s some food for thought…Contributor Julia shared a link to the blog, Stuff White People Do, where they are discussing the stereotype of the strong, angry black woman.

 This constant non-defending of BW comes directly from the stereotype of BW not being “real” women as in not being seen as delicate, feminine, worthy of care, affection and protection. We are seen as “mules uh duh worl’” and as rhino-hided, she-beasts utterly incapable of delicate, complex feelings or thoughts. Basically no one defends us because we can “take it.” It also leads to the idea that BW cannot ever be harmed (from this comes the view that BW are un-rapeable).

[Be sure to dig into the links from this post.] 

How does this stereotype effect our daughters? One commenter mentions:

Unfortunately, little Black girls are expected to strong too.

In jr.high a white male teacher made our class carry history books up from the basement to the 3rd floor. He gave the girls 3 books to carry and the boys 5. Well, guess how many he expected little black me to carry? Yup, five just like the boys because at 5’2 and less than 120 pounds I was clearly strong enough to carry them. I was the only girl he did that to and the only Black girl in class that day.

How do stereotypes of black women effect the way we raise black girls? What can we teach all children today to change the way black women are viewed in the future?

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