Introducing co-editor Sarah

Hi all!  This is my first blog post on LIE, but many of you might “know” me from the commenting section as “Montclair Mommy”.  Just to warn you, I tend to be a little on the “wordy” side…but most regular readers already know that.  I am a former lawyer turned stay-at-home mom to a two-year-old …and I’m expecting another baby at the end of the year.  I was lucky enough to marry my best friend from law school, who shares my love of reading, politics, and sarcasm…and who will put up with my addiction to Discovery Health reality television.

I’m also a white woman married to a second generation (first generation born in the U.S.) African-American man, doing my best to raise smart, healthy, confident black/biracial children.  It is important to us that our children grow up to love themselves and to feel strong enough to identify however they choose.  Although we know that love is integral to family-life, we also know that love is not enough to support a child of color (or any child) in today’s increasingly stratified society.  I look forward to continuing my work and growth as an anti-oppression parent through Love Isn’t Enough!

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About Sarah

I'm a former lawyer turned stay-at-home mom of a two year old...and I'm expecting another baby at the end of the year. I'm a white woman doing my best to work against oppression of all kinds...and I'm loving how I have been growing and learning along that journey.
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