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Color-blind racial ideology linked to racism, both online and offline [University of Illinois News Bureau]

In a study that examined the associations between responses to racial theme party images on social networking sites and a color-blind racial ideology, Brendesha Tynes, a professor of educational psychology and of African American studies at Illinois, discovered that white students and those who rated highly in color-blind racial attitudes were more likely not to be offended by images from racially themed parties at which attendees dressed and acted as caricatures of racial stereotypes (for example, photos of students dressed in blackface make-up attending a “gangsta party” to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day).

 Sandra Bullock, Transracial Adoption, and the Worship of White Motherhood []

The White Mother, if media representations are to be believed, is perfect. She is smart, caring, and classy. She can take a black child who’s been ignored by his negligent, crack whore of a black mother and bring out hidden talents. See Bullock’s Oscar-winning performance in The Blind Side and Jessica Lange’s performance in Losing Isaiah for proof. In fact, this year’s crop of Oscar favorites were pretty hard on black motherhood, with top honors going to The Blind Side and Precious, both of which perpetuated favorite stereotypes of black women: the crack whore and the Welfare Queen, sometimes both at the same time.

My daddy’s name is donor []

First-ever representative, comparative study of adults conceived via sperm donation reveals they struggle with the implications of their conception; report aims to launch international debate on the ethics,meaning, and practice of donor conception. [Editor's Note: This report is a publication of the Institute for American Values. A reader has raised concerns about this organization's stance toward gay marriage, and that this stance may have informed the study's findings. Please keep this possibility in mind as you review the report.]

Protecting boys with condoms for kids [Sociological Images]

Causing a cascade of mixed feelings, a Switzerland company is now manufacturing and selling extra-small condoms for boys age 12 to 14.

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