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What IS the right way to ask….  [Kimchi Mamas]

You know what question I’m talking about! Some of the wrong ways to ask are:

1. Where are you from?

2. Where are your parents from?

3. Where were you born?

4. Where were your parents born?

5. Where did you grow up?

Back to School: resources on bullying & racism  [AdoptionTalk]

I was working on this resource list yesterday before I got side-tracked by that discussion of diversity and racial identity I posted about.  Now, these links seem more important than ever:

The Yellow Elephant [Yoon's Blur]

I’m a semester away from high school graduation.

The last place I want to be is in the midst of a family reunion with loads of people swarming about. I have not seen most of these people in at least ten years.

Besides intensely disliking large gatherings, I even more intensely dislike large gatherings with people whom I’m supposed to pretend to be happy to see when in fact neither one of us can remember the other’s name since the last reunion we attended—whenever that was.

Nonetheless, I am here. I feel lost, awkward. I’m a feral Siamese—hanging out with packs of Great Danes, German Shepherds, and St. Bernard’s—skittish, freaked, and ready to scratch your eyes out.

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