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Why do adults force kids into hostile environments? [John Raible online]

As I step back to reflect, all of these events combine to make me feel deeply disappointed, mostly in the ineffective actions of adults (including myself). The common thread running through these events, as I experience them, is that we adults too often fail in our relations with the young. Adults who say they care about children, and who think they know best what younger people need, repeatedly fail to really listen to what younger folk say they want and need. It saddens me to admit the ways in which our failures cause much unnecessary pain and suffering in the very people we think we are serving or protecting. Schools and families would be healthier and safer places for their younger members if adults could stop trying to run the show to benefit their own agendas.

In talk, Rose dissects a ‘new racism’ [The Brown Daily Herald]

Cultural racism – which Rose defined as the idea that “blacks have a distinct and dysfunctional culture” – is another issue that has become widespread, she said. People use cultural explanations to “rationalize inequality,” she said.

 2009 Poverty Demographics [Sociological Images]

Rick T. sent in a link to a post at Global Research about some new U.S. Census data about 2009 poverty rates. As is usually true, children suffer higher levels of poverty than other age groups:From the post:

Being American gives you a one in seven chance of being poor. Being young raises this chance to one in four. Further, being black in America means a one in four chance of being poor. Being young and black raises your chance of being poor up to one in 2.5.

 Because There Are No Racists [Ta-Nehisi Coates]

Adam Serwer posts a video that basically nails what it’s like to be black and moving into the professional class, complete with the awkward “I’m not a racist” disclaimer. What’s amazing about this disclaimer is how it always emerges as a defense to a charge that isn’t actually being made. The host accuses her of being off-topic. Her defense is “Oh, I’m sorry. But I’m not a racist.”

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