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Where do our children fit in [Adoption talk]

Dr. Gill defined “color blind mothering” as the rejection of the concept that race matters to the white adoptive parents themselves or to their Asian child.  The mothers in this group responded to issues of race with statements such as, “Every kid has issues.  I was teased about being tall;”  “I’m Irish, and it’s not a big deal;”  “It’s about who you are, not what you look like.”

She said “color-blind mothering” used an “assimilative” fitting-in strategy, believing it best for the adopted Asian child to conform to the adoptive environment and try to fit in and be as  “American” as any white American child.

“Color-conscious mothering” accepted the concept that race does matter in the lives of both the white adoptive parents and their Asian children. These mothers used a “birth culture” fitting-in strategy, trying to connect their adopted Asian children with aspects of the culture of their country of origin. 

Holding Kids Back [PostBourgie]

This would make  a lot sense if charter schools were better at educating kids than public schools — but they aren’t. Only a small percentage of charter schools outperform traditional public schools, but there are plenty of reasons to be skeptical of even that performance. Many charters report their impressive test scores and college acceptance rates, while being much more circumspect about their attrition rates. Touting the fact that each of your 100 seniors is going to college seems impressive until you realize that those seniors started high school in a class of 200, with half of them transferring back to traditional public schools or dropping out entirely along the way, essentially leaving the school to report the performance of only its strongest students.

Thinking Aloud  [Honeysmoke]

I’ve been poking around on children’s literature sites and learning very few of children’s books are about children of color. Of those, even fewer  have been written and illustrated by people of color.

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