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The New Momism [New York Times Magazine] 

They make for strange bedfellows, Sarah Palin, leading her pack of “mama grizzlies,” and Michelle Obama, now touring the country on behalf of beleaguered, largely female Democratic candidates as the self-described “mom in chief.” The former beauty-pageant flutist dead set on undoing health care reform and the working-class Harvard law grad intent on consolidating her husband’s legislative triumphs couldn’t be further apart in their political goals or in their personal histories. But each is doing the mom thing — big time — tapping a vein of sentiment and belief, practicing a special form of political sympathetic magic, hoping clearly that by invoking the image, inveighing the glorious beloved power of all that’s maternal, they will warm and rally the hearts of voters enough to get them to the polls and determine the outcome of the midterm elections.

Adoption Mosaic releases Adoption Constellation Magazine [h/t Yoon's Blur

In this pioneer issue of The Adoption Constellation magazine, readers will be introduced to our three columnists Maureen, Shelise and Catherine, each writing from their perspective as a birth mother, adopted person, and adoptive mother. In “Professionally Speaking”, two experts in the field of adoption address the same adoption issue. This is one of my favorite features of the magazine, not just because we get the opportunity to benefit from two different perspectives, but because it also illustrates how there is never only one right answer when it comes to adoption and adoption issues. I’m so proud to have Dr. John Raible and Dr. Joyce Maguire Pavao participating in this first issue as I know I am not alone in having a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for them both.

We have a beautiful essay from New York Times best selling author Jennifer Lauck’s forthcoming book Found, an interview with adoption pioneer Dr. Richard Boas, and back by popular demand, Adoption Mosaic Executive Director, Astrid Dabbeni will now take your questions in her much loved column “Ask Astrid.” Also, throughout the magazine you will find the artwork of Kellie Marian Hill and Anne Sibley O’Brian, who have both graciously allowed us to include their work.

[Note: The first issue is available online at no charge.]

 Asian American Groups Speak Out Against Xenophobic Tone of Election Cycle [Reappropriate]

Immigrant and civil rights organizations within the Asian American and Pacific Islander community express concern regarding the use of xenophobic rhetoric and imagery being used in this year’s election races. Statements and electoral campaign tactics from public officials and political candidates that malign Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders as well as other communities of color have emerged and continue in the months leading up to the elections. Such messaging has harmfully impacted our communities and the undersigned organizations urge all candidates, political parties, and those who attain office to ensure that civility and inclusion return to the national political discourse.  

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