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Bolar for Dollars [Rice Daddies]

If you ask me to choose between a struggling single mother wanting to provide better opportunities for her children and a school district whose sole concern is its bank account, I’m going to go with the former. As an Asian American parent of modest means, my allegiances are with Kelley Williams-Bolar, the single mother from Akron, Ohio who was jailed for sending her daughters to a school in the Copley-Fairlawn School District (outside of her zone) – 

And who stalwartly stated she would do it all over again to provide her children with the advantages she believes – and I believe — they deserve.

Lancaster Branch NAACP To Work With SDL On Mentoring Program Design []

The School District of Lancaster is defending a plan that groups students according to their race, and the Lancaster NAACP is standing with the district.

In December, McCaskey East High School placed its junior class in different homerooms based on race and gender. Each class is led by a home room teacher of the same race and gender who serves as a role model.

The idea is based on research that shows students with strong mentors do better in school.

From My Point of View [The adopted ones blog]

The difference between being a bio adult and an adopted adult…

Bio adults are free to have express negative feelings about or personal challenges within a family.  No one challenges them on whether or not they just don’t realize how good their family is, instead they are commiserated with, and told how great they are and to stay away from whoever is causing them grief.

Neutrality Not Enough to Stop Anti-Gay Bigotry [Southern Poverty Law Center]

People are deeply worried about what is happening in the school district – and for good reason. School officials have not been realistically addressing anti-gay bigotry and harassment.

The district’s curriculum policy instructs teachers to remain “neutral” on matters regarding sexual orientation, but that’s not what’s been happening. In reality, the fear of being at odds with this policy has prevented teachers from standing firm against bullying, regardless of the anti-bullying policies in place.

Teachers are silenced.

Students are targeted.

And we shouldn’t be surprised by the devastation that follows.

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