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Did you know March is Black History Month? [Los Angelista]

To make things even more exciting, the advertisement said the Clippers “will admit 1,000 underprivileged children free.” Bless Sterling’s soul for making the connection between black history and being an underprivileged child! I’ve never made that connection myself, and gosh, I feel so enlightened now that its been made for me.

Defining a Family [New York Times/Motherlode]

Over on The New York Times’s “The Learning Network” blog, students are weighing in on the question “How Do You Define Family?,” a response to our discussion here on Motherlode about “normal” families earlier this week.

Some of their answers:

I define family as someone that loves you & someone who is there for you no matter what. Sometimes you may not get along with them but hey families fight and disagree on many things. But they are your family & you would be nothing without them. And i love my family. They are the best (:
— Karissa

Help Get Books into the Hands of Black Children [MyBrownBaby]

In keeping with my love affair with and recognition of the importance of books, I recently signed on to help launch, a new online book store featuring books for, by and about people of color. The folk at had me at black books, but what really made me want to lend my name to their project was the site’s irresistible promise: for every book sold on, will donate a book to a child of color who has neither books nor quick access to them.’s motto is, “Buy One, Give One”—and I’m thrilled to help put books in the hands of our children.

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