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Thanks but no thanks [Resist Racism]

Fox News:  Foreigners looking to adopt Japanese earthquake orphans need not apply.

Apparently the director of a Japanese adoption agency has been receiving specific requests.  Ms. Ogawa was quoted as follows:

“I have been receiving many strange emails, from mostly U.S., and was asked, ‘I want girl, less than 6 months old, healthy child,’ … “I honestly tell you such a kind of emails makes Japanese people very uncomfortable, because for us, sound like someone who are looking for ‘what I want’ from our terrible disaster.”

Actually, my mom is white—so do you accept me now? [Yoon’s Blur]

I realized recently, as ironic and hypocritical as this is going to sound, that I find security in being able to tell other people that my Mom (Mom=American mom; Omma=Korean mom) is White, as though I will be more readily accepted and/or my perceived status will somehow be elevated once the listener knows this fact. It’s as though I believe that since I am Asian having a White mom is necessary in order to legitimize my status and existence in the eyes of other Americans.

Putting a whooping on spanking statistics [CocoaMamas]

I know I am opening up a huge can of worms (or whoop-ass, however you want to see it), but I came across this article while studying for finals last week and finally had a moment to read it today. It is fascinating….ALL parents should read it. Specifically, it shows how spanking studies over the past 40 decades have been skewed toward the researchers’ philosophical bias*, but against actual statistical results: while many researchers are philosophically opposed to spanking, methodologically sound research does not make the case. When meta-analyses of spanking research that meets high methods standards are performed, spanking has not been shown to be any more “harmful” to a child than any other tool of punishment, including time out.

So many things to catch up on [Native Appropriations] 

Big things happening in the news that we didn’t get to talk about (tomorrow we’ll look at some other more appropriation-y things):

  • Pentagon prosecutors compared the Seminole tribe of Florida to al Qaeda in a war filing, reaching all the way back to the Indian Wars in the 1800′s to set a precedent for ongoing issues with Guantanamo. The comparison is not only offensive, but factually wrong, and the Seminoles have demanded an apology

I don’t mean to offend you but… [Rice Daddies]  

Why is that when someone, usually someone who doesn’t know you that well (or really at all for that matter), prefaces a statement with “I don’t mean to offend you but…” they usually succeed in doing the very thing that they told you they’re not going to do? Serenity now!

So here’s the setup: at a kid’s birthday party, I strike up a conversation with one of the other parents about pre-school…

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