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What’s Really Behind Black Child Abuse Stats? []
[editor's note: I'm skeptical of this finding; eager to hear your thoughts.]

Rates of reported child abuse are disproportionately high for black children, a fact that has long been linked to suspected racial bias by a largely white child-protection workforce. But a recently released study by Washington University researchers debunks that allegation, citing poverty as the main reason black children are twice as likely as white children to suffer abuse.

Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior: Because Their Daughters Get Into Harvard, That’s Why [Disgrasian]

For those of you eagerly awaiting a very public failure from one of Tiger Mom Amy Chua’s prodigy offspring–like a crack cocaine bender or half-naked photos leaked onto the Internet–so that you can feel better about your own parenting-style/feel better about the lax way in which you were parented/feel better about the strict way in which you were parented that weirdly didn’t yield the same sort of results/feel better about the fact that “the Chinese way” isn’t better therefore you don’t have to confront your diminishing place in the global power structure/oh hell, just feel better about yourself in general…

Um, better luck next year?

An Ordinary (Transracial Parent) Rant [Mama C and the Boys]

Yesterday an all too ordinary exchange jarred and pickled me more than ordinarily. It went like this:

A swim instructor: Are you Sam’s mom?
Me: Yes
Instructor: Good. Then I would register him for the next level he is ready for…

Fantasy Me: Who the &%#?! else could I be?
For six weeks you’ve watched us come in together.
You’ve seen me dig into my bag for his goggles.
And glare at him when he doesn’t mind you.
Watched as I almost fell in trying to catch his big dive on film.

How about when he calls me MOMMY?
Beaming with pride because he can now swim
in all of his beautiful Blackness from one end of the world
to the other.
Unassisted by you.

Is Our Children Learning? [PostBourgie]

On Monday, USA Today released its latest report in a series  on standardized testing in American schools. The story focused on Noyes Education Campus, a PK-8 school in D.C., which had been singled out for praise by the city’s former schools chancellor, Michelle Rhee, because of a big jump in its test scores. USA Today found that there were widespread irregularities with the tests at Noyes — namely that a high number of the students’ answer sheets for the city’s standardized tests had erasures that looked as if the initial, incorrect answer bubble filled out by students  had been changed to the correct  ones.

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