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Latino preschool enrollment drop could widen achievement gaps, hurt workforce quality, study says [UC Berkeley]

The authors cite three possible causes of the decline. One is that joblessness rose from 6.3 percent to 10.6 percent between 2005 and 2009 for Latina women 20 and older, and these rates ranged higher for less educated Latinas. In turn, families likely pulled their children from preschool programs, researchers said.

They also cited state reductions in aid for publicly supported preschool, and worries among some immigrant families about contact with formal institutions.

Ethnocentrism and Family Values [Sociological Images]

When Alexandra Wallace’s video – the epiphanus interruptus* complaint about Asians at UCLA using their cell phones in the library – went viral, most of the reactions were accusations of racism. I’m not sure where the line between racism and ethnocentrism lies, but I was struck more by the underlying ethnocentric assumptions about family, assumptions that are widely shared here and by people who would never be accused of racism.

We Americans all agree that we value family. When I begin the unit on culture, I ask students to jot down three American values. The one that appears most frequently is family. If I asked students what things they themselves value, I’m sure many of them would say family. So, I suspect, would Ms. Wallace.

Ching, Chang, Pok! [Angry Asian Man]

Check out this weird-ass reading passage that was recently spotted in a third grade standardized (MAP) test in Missouri. In this educational essay, the author explains that rock-paper-scissors — allegedly called “Ching! Chang! Pok!” in China — is an ancient game that originates from Asia. A few things immediately come to mind:

1. Seriously — “ching chang pok”? That can’t be right.

Adriel Luis on Race Conflict and the Watts Riots [Sociological Images]

To great acclaim, we previously featured the work of Adriel Luis after Occidental student Samantha Figueroa illustrated his poem “Slip of the Tongue” with clips from Pocahontas.  Luis is back with a touching spoken word performance inspired by the Watts riots in Los Angeles.

OMFG [Resist Racism] 

Culture camp.  I’m pretty sure that regular readers have a good idea of what I think about culture camp for transracially adopted children.  The short version?  You can’t teach a culture in the absence of its people.

I received a forwarded advertisement for summer camp.  A camp of the world.  A wonderful experience for adopted children to learn more about their culture.  It came with a brief video.

There was this kind of stuff.  You could see white adults helping little Asian kids to make lanterns.  But then there was the scene of the wedding.  Yes, a wedding with two little black kids and a white preacher.  And what did they do?

They jumped a broom.  Yes they did.

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