Open Thread

Please talk about whatever you would like, including if you wish, this incredibly smart video on Trump’s racist foolishness (foolishness is probably too kind a word, but I don’t want to start swearing…)

As an aside, the monkey-theme continues. My son brought home an outline of activities at his preschool this week and guess what is planned for tomorrow? The children are to act out “Caps for Sale,” the very same book encountered by gradmommy and her kids the other week. So I’ll be having a conversation with his teachers today about what parts he will not be playing. But I’m so grateful for the conversation here, because I didn’t know about this book’s contents and would never have known to intervene. So now I’m thinking about what language to ask them to use with him so that he feels either neutral or protected by not being allowed to play a monkey, not like he’s being excluded from something or left out…

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