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Dear LIE Readers,

You may have noticed that links have been few and far between as of late. That’s because my hard drive died, and took with it my entire collection of bookmarks. It was a good collection that I’d built up over a bunch of years and, well, I’m a bit lost without it. So, in addition to discussing the links below, I would love it if you could share your favorites. Where do you think the best writing about race, race & parenting, race & adoption, transracial parenting, etc. is happening? I would be so grateful.

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New anti-abortion campaigns emerge in two more cities [Racialicious]

After being seen in Chicago, and Los Angeles, the anti-abortion push targeting women of color has spread to Atlanta and Oakland.

The latest campaign, headed by The Radiance Foundation has “no political reason at all,” according to chief creative officer Ryan Bomberger. However, the new billboards – which say “The 13th Amendment freed us. Abortion enslaves us” – was timed to coincide with Juneteenth, which celebrates the emancipation of U.S. slaves.

Some of Va.’s ‘Brown v. Board’ college grants go to whites [The Washington Post h/t Racialicious]

Half a century after many Virginia public schools shut their doors rather than accept black students, the state is offering college scholarships to compensate those whose education suffered in the era of “massive resistance” to desegregation. Among the recipients: white students.

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