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Tell School Officials: Support Black Achievement [Color of Change]

When Kymberly Wimberly, a Black student in Arkansas, was poised to be valedictorian of her class, the school principal decided it would be a “big mess” and made a White student with a lower GPA co-valedictorian.

It’s not only an injustice to Kymberly but sends a troubling message to all students.  Join us in demanding Kymberly’s principal and the McGehee school district apologize, acknowledge Kymberly as sole valedictorian, and take clear steps to ensure all students have equal opportunities in the district.

Petition is here.

On the politics of language and adoptee empowerment [John Raible online]

I find it fascinating that more and more adult adoptees, many of whom attended “culture camps” as kids, now reject that model, saying basically that it misses the point. Increasing numbers of transnational adoptees, whose parents tried to instill a sense of pride in their “heritage,” say that what they really needed was help in navigating racism. Rather than a focus on some romanticized view of a foreign culture from some distant land that they felt had little to do with them, these adoptees are now calling for allies who can help adopted kids figure out the rules of race in this country, their adoptive home.

As a multicultural educator and adoption trainer, I have observed how focusing on exotic cultures makes many adoptive parents feel good inside, while squarely addressing race makes many adoptive parents uneasy. Apparently, white adoptive parents much prefer to talk about culture, not race. Similarly, they would rather hear from adoptees as we heroically “struggle” with our identities, rather than hear (much less DO anything) about the very real racism that most of us inevitably face as people of color.

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