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Before starting the school year, Tommy had spoken with D.’s teacher about letting D. use the boys’ restroom and thought the matter was settled. But then Dr. William Hunter, McIntosh superintendent, decided to get involved. Dr. Hunter said that D. had to use the girls’ restroom, and threatened to call Child Protective Services on Tommy for allowing D. to live as a boy. Tommy tried to explain that he was acting on the advice of D.’s doctors, but Dr. Hunter wasn’t interested.

Petition here.

What’s in an Asian American Name? [Racialicious]

Additionally, I wanted a meaningful Asian-sounding name that would flow well with Jones, the 5th most common surname in the United States. Truthfully, and probably because I went to a predominantly white school system in the 80’s and 90’s, I was picturing a teacher reading “Firstname Jones?” off of a roster on the first day of school, seeing an Asian kid raise his or her hand, then saying, “That’s not funny; where is Firstname Jones?”

When our daughter was born in December of 2007, we had already agreed on a name that miraculously melded Filipino and Korean cultures. In one culture, it was the name of an ancient goddess; in another, it translated to “new one.” The name had come easily to us and it fit her perfectly.

Well, we’re expecting our second child’s arrival in February of next year and having this debate all over again. We haven’t started seriously considering any names yet, as it’s still too early to tell if we’re having a boy or girl, but I’m revisiting all the questions I’d previously asked myself about what made a good name.

I’m unexpectedly having to face some old prejudices too.

What did the children think? [Resist Racism]

How the evacuation forced removal of people of Japanese descent from Seattle would affect a second grade class in a local school is shown in these two views in Seattle, Washington, on March 27, 1942. At the top is a crowded classroom with many Japanese American pupils and at the bottom is the same class without the Japanese American students. (AP Photo)

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