Organizers of new family initiative at White Privilege Conference would like to hear from you!

The organizers of the White Privilege Conference are interested in hearing your thoughts about a new family initiative we are developing for the 13th annual conference in March 2012. Many LIE readers have attended the WPC. At last year’s WPC in Minneapolis, at the end of a workshop on discussing race with children, a woman I was sitting next to (and a LIE reader) announced to the group, “If anyone is in communication with the organizers of the WPC, let them know there is a lot of interest in this topic and more time to devote to it would be great.” Well you have been heard and now we would like to hear from you.

We are developing program for a full day institute to look at modeling, parenting and teaching social justice within the family. The institute will explore the current knowledge of developmental stages of children and how these influence how one engages children on topics of bias, privilege and racial identity, among others. We will look at the work of Denman-Sparks as a framework for teaching anti-bias and adapt her work from the school setting to the family. We will practice the skills needed to create an inclusive environment at home and to implement social justice teaching on a daily basis with our children, and explore the resources available for parents. We will also explore the challenges that social justice work can bring up within and between families.

We are in the development and planning stages and welcome your thoughts and input. What would like to see covered? What would you be excited to learn about? Please leave your thoughts in the comments.

Thanks for your consideration!

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