Thursday Open Thread: Holiday Debrief

I found myself feeling particularly thankful for this community of readers and writers over the past week as I journeyed back to my family, my hometown, and–in some ways–into the not-so-comfortable past. There were some lonely moments–some lonely anti-racist parenting moments in particular–and it comforted me to think of all of you here.

In my neck of the woods, there was:

  • a small victory on the helping-extended-family-be-more-sensitive-to-racism/inclusion front mixed with sadness that there had to be a battle at all
  • a setback on the same on the helping-extended-family-be-more-sensitive-to-racism/inclusion front and accompanying doubt about my decision to bring my son into this extended family
  • a new appreciation for the power of the simple phrase “I feel really uncomfortable with X,” which gets me past the hesitation and into full putting-down-foot mode while bypassing all of the intellectualizing that tends to stall me
  • a high school reunion event that taught me that some stuff never changes–in my case, once an outsider, always an outsider…
  • a narrow escape, when my mother started to do something to my son that she used to do with me, and I almost joined her (shudder)
  • and lest I seem too negative, there was some terrific apple pie and the joy of watching my younger brother transform into the beloved Uncle Bebid (David)

How was it for you?

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