An extra-special, not-so-gratuitous cute kid pic

It’s Thursday, and this week, we are honored to feature Aidan, longtime LIE reader Lyonside’s son. As many of you may recall, Aidan passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in late 2011. He would have celebrated his first birthday this month.

Of this photo and her decision to share it here, Lyonside writes:

“I really do want to share his happy smiling face with the ARP/LIE family, so I’ll contribute a recent photo taken the weekend after Thanksgiving, 10 days before his sudden and still unexplained death. He was a happy, healthy, active baby quite literally until his last breath, and I will always be his Mum (no, we’re not Anglophiles, that’s what he called me).

His first words were “Dada” “Mum” and “A-da” (said while hitting his chest, the only time he did it, and we think he was trying to say his own name). He hated the car ride to our favorite spanish island restaurant in Jersey, but he loved the rice and beans once he got there. He was my laid-back surfer dude who got a kick out of his big sister entertaining him with song and dance routines. He was named after his abuelita, Aida, whom he never got to meet in life. Maybe he’s hanging out with her now.”

We are honored to be able to remember Aidan, an amazingly cute kid if there ever was one, here and offer our deepest condolences to Lyonside and her family.  Please share your thoughts and prayers with Lyonside in the comment thread.

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