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Indiana Legislator Attacks the Girl Scouts [Slate/The X Factor]

The escalating hysteria around modern Girl Scouts is due to the increasing polarization in this country around the concept of women’s equality. In an era where the right is putting contraception back on the table as a controversial topic, girls getting together to build self-esteem and learn skills that might make them competitive with boys and men in school and the workplace is bound to get the right wing freak-out treatment. We’re talking about the same movement perpetuating the argument that the purpose of sex education is to get teenagers and young adults “hooked” on sex so that the non-profit Planned Parenthood can rake in the big bucks. Of course they look at little girls gathered around the campfire and fill in lurid fantasies bordering on the Satanic. We’re watching the death throes of male dominance, and no one should expect such a thing to look pretty.

Why the Adoption Establishment Annoys Me [Adoption Echoes]

My annoyance tonight is the elephant in the room that keeps getting ignored. At what point are adoptive parents going to admit to their complicity in the dangerous directions the adoption establishment continues to go? The concept of the establishment being a building with a bunch of social workers finding babies for a married couple who are wringing their hands waiting for the call about ”their” baby is becoming less and less a reality. Instead, to me, the establishment is becoming more the prospective adopting parent(s) coming with questions in hand shopping for a person or agency that will give them their baby in the fastest, least instrusive manner. These adoptive parents claiming a stake in “victimhood” heading the charge trying to illuminate unethical adoption practice feels completely hypocritical. It seems that they have dipped into the dirty money and now that the end result did not turn out the way they expected, they are screaming ethics. Whom are they fighting for? Because it feels like I am hearing a cry against their injustice of not having the child they had dreamed of, the family they anticipated.

In pointing the finger at adoptive parents, I am in no way exempting agencies, facilitators, lawyers and legislators. After all, agencies have mostly been created, founded, operated and funded by adoptive parents. The idea that the big bad agency is an entity all unto itself making crazy decisions is preposterous. The agency is a people. Too, most adoption attorneys, facilitators and current legislators advocating for adoption are adoptive parents. How is it they can objectively promote adoption in an ethical and diligent manner?

So, let’s just cut to the chase and call it what it is – people making selfish altruistic decisions.

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