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African Orphan Now Ballerina [ABC News]

[This is an amazing young woman, and I wanted to post here not only because of her achievements, but because of what she has to say about racism and colorism, as well as the implication that vitiligo has played some part in her path. A warning, though: I find the journalist patronizing, and some of her characterizations offensive--Julia]

The designer baby factory: Eggs from beautiful Eastern Europeans, sperm from wealthy Westerners and embryos implanted in desperate women [Mail Online]

Nominally, this forlorn place is a care home for surrogate mothers — at least that is how it is described by the company that runs it, Wyzax Surrogacy Consultancy, which is cashing in on India’s booming new babies-for-sale business.

It boasts of being the country’s first ‘one-stop shop for outsourced pregnancy’. In truth, though, it is nothing less than a baby factory; the end of a grim production line on which children are being designed to order for wealthy couples, mainly from Western countries including Britain, as if they were custom-built cars.

Indeed, as I have discovered during an eye-opening three-week investigation into India’s burgeoning, billion-dollar surrogacy industry, the motor-manufacturing analogy is all too apt.

Adopted or Abducted? [Dan Rather Reports/HDNet]

An investigation into claims by women that they were forced to put their babies up for adoption, many with the knowledge and support of Catholic Charities. It has been a little discussed practice for decades but this special hour-long program will remove the veil of secrecy that has led to emotional trauma for unwed mothers around the world.

In reporting this story, we reached out to the largest maternity home providers in America of the “baby-scoop” era for comment. These organizations had oversight on the policies and practices that led to so-called forced adoptions.

Inside Ethiopia’s Adoption Boom [Wall Street Journal]

The experience recounted by Mel’s biological father, Mathewos Delebo, shows many of the complexities. Mr. Delebo, a 38-year-old farmer, acknowledges freely giving up his youngest child for adoption. Earlier this year, in the mud-hut village of Le-barfeta in southeastern Ethiopia where he lives, he described why he did it.

Four years ago, he claimed, a stranger—a middleman in the adoption trade—came to his village and persuaded him to give up a child with the promise that she would grow up and send money to support him. “White people are taking children of the poor and helping them get a better life,” Mr. Delebo said he was told. “It will be good for you.”

Mr. Delebo claimed he didn’t understand that he was giving up Mel for good, and thought that she would send money home. Mr. Delebo doesn’t recall the middleman’s name and hasn’t seen him for years.

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