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LIE Links 9.25.12

The impact of new photo identification requirements on youth of color Since the 2008 presidential election, in which youth of color turned out to vote at historic rates, many state legislatures have passed new voting laws that require voters to show … Continue reading

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The first week of school and already a racist incident

By Guest Contributor Renee; originally published at Womanist Musings As much as I love my children, I was absolutely giddy to see them get on the school bus last week.  The unhusband and I were singing and dancing, as the … Continue reading

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Dear LIE, I’ve been reading LIE for many years now and you have helped me in the past when my son had to deal with racist behaviours thrust upon him. I live in Italy. My husband recently signed up my … Continue reading

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Open thread

Tell us how things are going in your world. Or talk about whatever is on your mind. Tweet

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Quoted: Afro-Latin And The Negro Common: An Interview With Dr. Marco Polo Hernández-Cuevas

We’ve spoken about the racism inherent in many “beloved,” classic children’s characters before on Love Isn’t Enough. In a recent interview with Lamont Lilly published on Racialicious, Marco Polo Hernández-Cuevas talks about Memín Penguín, a Mexican character akin to Little … Continue reading

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Gratuitous Cute Kid Pic

It’s Thursday, time for another gratuitous cute kid pic! Here is LIE reader Lydia’s darling daughter Ixchel with her dad. Got cute kids? Send their pictures to us so we can show them off for you! Tweet

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Jimmy Kimmel is pranking kids again and not everything is funny

By Guest Contributor Renee; originally published at Womanist Musings Jimmy Kimmel seems to just love getting parents to pull fast ones on their kids for laughs.  As a parent, there is a big part of me that gets why moms … Continue reading

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