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Aiesha Turman is a Brooklyn-based mama, educator and filmmaker who is passionate about Black women and girls and their self-actualization. She believes that music heals and can be often be found having an 80's dance party with her daughter in their living room. Find out more from her website:

We’re Not About That Hug Life

Well, we are, but we aren’t. Anyone who has seen Tiny Smalls and I together, or her with her dad, they’d know that we are really affectionate. She’s all about the hugs and the sugar (that’s kiss for those of … Continue reading

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No, I’m Not Her Mammy, Thanks

I’ve been a mama for eight years, nine if you consider the 36 weeks my uterus was being rented out by my daughter Tiny Smalls. I’ve been a Black woman for over three decades and have experienced various levels of … Continue reading

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No Booty Shaking Allowed

We’ve all probably seen our fair share of internet videos with little girls dropping it like it’s hot and giving it all they’ve got. I’m not linking to any of them, because I pretty much think they’re kiddie porn. All … Continue reading

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Oh No, Not The TV!

Written by Love Isn’t Enough contributor Aiesha Turman I don’t own a television. In fact, on one of my mother’s recent visits, she jokingly called my lack of a TV barbaric. At least I think she was joking. When I … Continue reading

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