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Nigerian Assembly

By Guest Contributor Mona Zutshi Opubor Yesterday morning—three months after our move from New Jersey—I attended an assembly at the children’s school in Nigeria. At 7:25 a.m., parents shuffled into the open-walled gymnasium to claim a folding chair. As the … Continue reading

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“I Didn’t Know You Had a Mixed Baby!” My Students React to My Biracial Daughter

By Guest Contributor Balancing Jane I do not wake up in the morning thinking to myself that I have a biracial child. I don’t tickle her and think about the color of her skin or the texture of her hair. … Continue reading

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Why is the ‘normal television family’ always white?

By Guest Contributor SL Huang; crossposted from Racialicious Oh, I know the answer, of course.  A white nuclear family is what networks think everyone can relate to.  And even if people can’t relate, they see and recognize that “ideal” and … Continue reading

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The first week of school and already a racist incident

By Guest Contributor Renee; originally published at Womanist Musings As much as I love my children, I was absolutely giddy to see them get on the school bus last week.  The unhusband and I were singing and dancing, as the … Continue reading

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Quoted: Afro-Latin And The Negro Common: An Interview With Dr. Marco Polo Hernández-Cuevas

We’ve spoken about the racism inherent in many “beloved,” classic children’s characters before on Love Isn’t Enough. In a recent interview with Lamont Lilly published on Racialicious, Marco Polo Hernández-Cuevas talks about Memín Penguín, a Mexican character akin to Little … Continue reading

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Jimmy Kimmel is pranking kids again and not everything is funny

By Guest Contributor Renee; originally published at Womanist Musings Jimmy Kimmel seems to just love getting parents to pull fast ones on their kids for laughs.  As a parent, there is a big part of me that gets why moms … Continue reading

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Adopting and Adapting

by guest contributor Catherine Bray When my husband and I decided to adopt a baby in 2006 we put on our happy “never have done this before and don’t know what’s in store” faces and told our caseworker that we … Continue reading

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I hope Katie rolls her eyes

by guest contributor Jen Chau, originally published at The time is always right… I hung out with Katie this weekend – she has gotten so big. The last time I saw her, she mostly looked at me with wide-open googly … Continue reading

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Some of My Best Friends (and Family) Are Racists

by guest contributor Rachel Sullivan, originally published at Rachel’s Tavern I remember an argument I had with my mother a few years back. I had brought my boyfriend, a black man, who I had been dating for 4 years, to … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Churches

by guest contributor Nobody, originally published at Scraps by Nobody There once was a little white Baptist church, set on a plot of farmland that the pastor liked to call “sacred acre”. It was a small congregation, firmly mired in … Continue reading

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Still Maplewood: Wrong side of the tracks

by Helena Holgersson-Shorter, originally published in The Motherhood Magazine [Note from Carmen: Maplewood, NJ is known in the NYC area as a very diverse community. However, I felt that the themes discussed in this article are applicable to other communities … Continue reading

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by guest contributor eliaday, originally published at Kimchi Mamas Last weekend, one of my old college roommates got married. My daughter and I attended the wedding, and had the chance to hang out with some of my old friends from … Continue reading

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The Subtle Choice of Words and Their Not So Subtle Messages

by guest contributor Paula O’Loughlin, originally published at Heart, Mind and Seoul A celebrity prospective adoptive parent was recently quoted as saying, “Of course I want to have kids. I want to have my own kids, but also adopt.” Several … Continue reading

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Deciding to talk about it

by guest contributor Tiffany Pridgen As a child I was never specifically instructed on race or culture by anyone in my family, and I’m certain that is fairly unusual for someone from a family of color. The truth is, we … Continue reading

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The Making of a Scholar

by Anti-Racist Parent guest contributor Vera L This past Martin Luther King Day, my partner and I took our two boys to San Francisco’s Museum of the African Diaspora. We looked at photographs and charts detailing how the foods of … Continue reading

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Crayola’s efforts to dismantle racism

This post was originally published at Racialicious on June 6, 2006. by Usha (a new guest contributor!) I spotted a product placement blog entry for Crayola®’s multicultural markers on Blogging Baby. Come to find that Crayola® actually unveiled its multicultural … Continue reading

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