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“I Didn’t Know You Had a Mixed Baby!” My Students React to My Biracial Daughter

By Guest Contributor Balancing Jane I do not wake up in the morning thinking to myself that I have a biracial child. I don’t tickle her and think about the color of her skin or the texture of her hair. … Continue reading

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Why is the ‘normal television family’ always white?

By Guest Contributor SL Huang; crossposted from Racialicious Oh, I know the answer, of course.  A white nuclear family is what networks think everyone can relate to.  And even if people can’t relate, they see and recognize that “ideal” and … Continue reading

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Quoted: Riding In Cars With Black People And Other Newly Dangerous Acts

“What I remember most about that first stop was that he asked “Where are you headed.” Not “license, registration and proof of insurance, please” ─ but “Where are you headed.” ── Eighteen years ─ nine months ─ sixteen days and … Continue reading

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The first week of school and already a racist incident

By Guest Contributor Renee; originally published at Womanist Musings As much as I love my children, I was absolutely giddy to see them get on the school bus last week.  The unhusband and I were singing and dancing, as the … Continue reading

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