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Ask ARP: Should I apologize when someone doesn’t notice my racism?

Dear Anti-Racist Parent, I hope my question is appropriate in this forum, as it is not directly related to parenting. It does seem relevant, though, since learning to dealing with my own white privilege and racism is a huge part … Continue reading

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Ask ARP: Are we teaching the history of slavery too early?

Dear Anti-Racist Parent, I am a white parent and have two sons (ages 6 and 8). I am committed to doing all I can to raise them in an anti-racist environment. Education is critical to this goal. However, I have … Continue reading

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Ask ARP: How do I raise my brothers to be anti-racist and feminist?

Dear Anti-Racist Parent, I’m not an anti-racist parent, and I don’t exactly plan on becoming a parent any time soon. I’m nineteen years old, biracial, and I have three half-brothers from opposite sides of my family. My mother’s son is … Continue reading

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Ask ARP: How to be a strong ally to kids and parents of color at school?

Dear Anti-Racist Parent, My child just started kindergarten at a publicly funded, open enrollment, community operated charter school. We live in a very racially diverse city, and the school is located in a neighborhood that is historically African American, though … Continue reading

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Ask ARP: My husband regrets marrying a non-Polish woman. What should I do?

Dear Anti-Racist Parent, My husband was raised by his Polish parents they basically brainwashed him with ideas that he had to marry a Polish girl. His parents are very traditional. I met my husband 7 years ago and we married … Continue reading

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Ask ARP: How can I stop my child’s father from teaching him the n-word?

Dear Anti-Racist Parent, I have a 17-month old son with my ex-boyfriend, who is now my best friend. We all live together. My ex is Hispanic and I am white. My son looks like me but has a darker complexion … Continue reading

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Ask ARP: What should I do about a conversation about skintone that misses the point?

Dear Anti-Racist Parent, My daughter’s preschool teacher had asked me last month if we had any preference for classroom books on family diversity, and I said I had no preference there, since she expressed no two-mom-related issues. But that she’d … Continue reading

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Ask ARP: What’s the best neighborhood for a transracial family?

Dear Anti-Racist Parent, My American family is transracial: my husband and I are white, and our kids, who were adopted from Ethiopia, are black. We are now living in Egypt, but we always think about where we’d like to live … Continue reading

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Ask ARP: How should teachers handle books containing racial slurs?

Dear Anti-Racist Parent, My neighbors and I all have boys in the 3rd grade. A few weeks ago, their teacher was reading a story that included the n-word which prompted the kids to ask “what’s that?”. The teacher gave a … Continue reading

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Ask ARP: What should I do about nursery rhymes with a racist past?

Dear Anti-Racist Parent, I am a Mom of two girls and I live in Eastern Canada. I am looking for some advice about the children’s rhyme “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, Catch a tiger by the toe”. Last week, on the … Continue reading

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Ask ARP: What resources on adoption can I give to my daughter’s pre-school teacher?

Dear Anti-Racist Parent, I’m looking for some resources on talking about race, adoption, and transracial adoption that I can pass on to my daughter’s preschool teacher. I’ve googled a variety of things but haven’t had much luck. Anything anyone can … Continue reading

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Ask ARP: What should I do about my daughter thinking that “white babies are better?”

Dear Anti-Racist Parent, First, thank you for the resources you provide and facilitate the provision of – I have very much appreciated reading the columnists and discussions on your site. Second, I’m very much hoping you and those who frequent … Continue reading

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Ask ARP: How to incorporate diversity when living in a mostly white area?

Dear Anti-Racist Parent, Given the recent post about living in a nearly-all white school district, and the last post about the mom who’s moving from NY to Houston, could you put out a call for ideas on how to naturally … Continue reading

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Ask ARP: How tolerant is the south of multiracial families?

Dear Anti-Racist Parent, I appreciate the content on your blog. I have read some very interesting and touching things here. My sister is considering moving to the south. She is a single mother of two mixed-race boys – 1/2 African … Continue reading

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Ask ARP: I’m about to adopt transracially, but what do I do about my racist in-laws?

Dear Anti-Racist Parent, I need help finding out how to battle racist in-laws when we are adopting a child of a different race and I am so flabbergasted by the comments that come from their mouths. We went to the … Continue reading

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Ask ARP: What if your black in-laws are the racist ones?

Dear Anti-Racist Parent, I was relieved to see your website. Thank you for being here! I am a “white” woman married to a “black” man. I am 30 weeks pregnant with our first child, my second (I have a “white” … Continue reading

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Ask ARP: How to handle racist family members?

Dear Anti-Racist Parent,

ask anti-racist parentMy fiance and I are expecting a child soon. My family background is Cuban and his is Jamaican. To make a long story short, my family does not accept our relationship simply because he is black. I have since really not had a relationship with my family but now that a child is coming, I have been thinking about this issue more and more.

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Ask ARP: How to handle racially or culturally insensitive teachers?

Dear Anti-Racist Parent,

ask anti-racist parentI am an adoptive parent of two school age children living in the downstate region of New York State. One of my major concerns has been education and the lack of accurate information presented in our history/social studies classes. I think that teachers, even those with the best intentions, may have unrecognized bias in how social studies is taught.

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Ask ARP: How to instill pride in race and heritage for adopted son?

Dear Anti-Racist Parent,

ask anti-racist parentWe are soon to be a multicultural family and I am from the belief that every culture has a rich heritage to be embraced. Our son is coming from China and I have not been content with the way some of my peers have incorporated their child’s culture into their everyday lives. I am looking for ways to give my son a positive self image about who he is as a whole but I don’t know how. Maybe you folks can help.

Continue reading

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