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The (bluest) eyes have it

[Note: Forgive your tired, over-burdened editors. Okay, actually one editor--me--for re-posting the article about #blackparentquotes, which had already appeared here back in September. You can still participate in discussion on that thread. Here is a replacement post.] written by Love … Continue reading

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I am recommending everyone watch this powerful, new documentary, particularly those who have brown women and girls whom they love. From the Vimeo decription: This short TV documentary is an introduction to the issue of shadeism, the discrimination that exists … Continue reading

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More from CNN: Parents react to children’s doll tests

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CNN tests children on racial attitudes


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Explaining Michael Jackson

[Editor’s note: Not surprisingly, pop icon Michael Jackson has come up more than once in ARP discussions of race, self-esteem and Eurocentric beauty standards. How does one explain to children a young, black man seeming to morph into a white woman? … Continue reading

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Is it just me?

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Meera Bowman-Johnson, originally published at Not the Nanny My mother always told me not to stare, but I soon realized that’s not always possible. So I decided that at the very least, if one must silently … Continue reading

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Columnist Intro: Tami

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Tami Winfrey Harris I am a black woman who has spent my life trying to explain who I am. I am the daughter of a son of the Jim Crow South. I am a member of … Continue reading

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Having a multicultural doll ghetto is not enough

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Dawn Friedman Recently I wrote on my blog about trying to find an African American Polly Pocket for my 3-year old daughter. My efforts were only slightly successful – I did find a brown-skinned Polly, kind … Continue reading

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Good hair and bad hair: the silent messages our children receive

by Anti-Racist Parent Columnist Liz Dwyer A couple of weeks ago, I was at someone’s home talking with another woman who was also a guest. As we talked, my two sons were hovering around, quietly doing their usual Power Rangers … Continue reading

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Ask ARP: What should I do about my daughter thinking that “white babies are better?”

Dear Anti-Racist Parent, First, thank you for the resources you provide and facilitate the provision of – I have very much appreciated reading the columnists and discussions on your site. Second, I’m very much hoping you and those who frequent … Continue reading

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Columnist Intro: Maegan

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Maegan “la Mala” Ortiz My parents, who came to New York City from Puerto Rico as teenagers, were not anti-racists. How else to explain how I, their first born, was named after the priest seducing white … Continue reading

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by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Cloudscome I have been trying to write a post about how we come to know white privilege. In particular I am wondering how to talk to other white people about it when they say things like … Continue reading

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On adoption and race

by Anti-Racist Parent Columnist, Karen Walrond, originally published at Chookooloonks Back in August, a commenter asked what I thought of this article. It was written by a Lisa Lerner, a Jewish-American woman who adopted transracially from India, and who, as … Continue reading

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