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Is Privilege Offensive?

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Liza Talusan I experience privilege. I am college educated. I have a steady, salaried job. I am heterosexual. I have a house and a mortgage. Two cars. Two kids. One dog. I am able bodied. My … Continue reading

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The Subtle Choice of Words and Their Not So Subtle Messages

by guest contributor Paula O’Loughlin, originally published at Heart, Mind and Seoul A celebrity prospective adoptive parent was recently quoted as saying, “Of course I want to have kids. I want to have my own kids, but also adopt.” Several … Continue reading

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I wish my parents knew…

by Jen Chau I’m sure that as adults, we can all say that there are things we wish our parents knew about us as we were growing up. Perhaps things that would have made things easier? Or things that would have created more … Continue reading

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