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Cop uses UK anti-terrorism act to detain mixed-race family

Hat tip to Daddyinastrangeland. From the BBC: A police force has apologised after a disabled child and his parents claimed they were detained at a Channel crossing point under the Terrorism Act. Julie Maynard, of Ware, Hertfordshire, was taking a … Continue reading

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What am I first?

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Liza Talusan My children seem to have a knack for asking me really deep, thought-provoking questions at the most inconvenient times. Usually this is when we are racing out the door, late for school/work/day care. This … Continue reading

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Columnist Intro: Lisa Marie

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Lisa Marie I come to Anti Racist Parent as a black woman, as a transracial adoptee and as a woman who recognizes parts of myself as a mother to my friends, my family, my youth, and … Continue reading

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When saying nothing is the best you can do

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Tami Winfrey Harris When my husband and I began making plans for my 13-year-old stepson to move from Chicago to live with us in our new home in central Indiana, I was ambivalent. I promise I … Continue reading

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The ultimate cultural appropriation

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Margie Perscheid, originally published at Third Mom I have a little pendant that I’ve worn for many years. It’s tiny thing, a little gold filigree oval with the word ???, omoni, which is Korean for mother, … Continue reading

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Nativity stories without blonde hair and blue eyes

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Cloudscome When I was a child we always put out the Creche a few weeks before Christmas. Part of the anticipation of the coming day was looking forward to nestling the tiny little baby Jesus in … Continue reading

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Funny…I Don’t Feel Like an Adoptive Mother

by columnist Deesha Philyaw The question Jan, a local poet, asked me should not have caught me off guard, but it did. She wanted to know if I would be reading later that evening at an open mic she was … Continue reading

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Ask ARP: My husband regrets marrying a non-Polish woman. What should I do?

Dear Anti-Racist Parent, My husband was raised by his Polish parents they basically brainwashed him with ideas that he had to marry a Polish girl. His parents are very traditional. I met my husband 7 years ago and we married … Continue reading

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Drive-by Culture

by Anti-Racist Parent Columnist Jae Ran Kim, originally published at Harlow’s Monkey People ask me all the time for a “top 10″ list of suggestions or rules that are must-do’s regarding transracial adoption, and I’ll admit that I have a … Continue reading

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Who Belongs?

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Natasha Sky My son was writing in his workbook the other day. We’re homeschooling in the eclectic-semi-unschooling-style; the workbooks have been around for over a year–my kids think they’re fun. The books are actually a great … Continue reading

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Some of My Best Friends (and Family) Are Racists

by guest contributor Rachel Sullivan, originally published at Rachel’s Tavern I remember an argument I had with my mother a few years back. I had brought my boyfriend, a black man, who I had been dating for 4 years, to … Continue reading

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The Subtle Choice of Words and Their Not So Subtle Messages

by guest contributor Paula O’Loughlin, originally published at Heart, Mind and Seoul A celebrity prospective adoptive parent was recently quoted as saying, “Of course I want to have kids. I want to have my own kids, but also adopt.” Several … Continue reading

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Antiracist Black Family Seeks Antiracist White Families for Friendship, Camaraderie and Fun (race unimportant)

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Meera Bowman Johnson Recently, for the first time in what felt like forever, my husband and I left a child’s birthday party feeling like we’d enjoyed it as much as our kids. According to him, it … Continue reading

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A social worker’s perspective of Disney characters

by Anti-Racist Parent Columnist Jae Ran Kim, originally published at Harlow’s Monkey When my daughter was five, one of her favorite movies was Disney’s version of “Annie.” She would kneel on the kitchen floor, dishtowel in hand, and sing, “It’s … Continue reading

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From Trinidad to Houston

by Anti-Racist Parent Columnist, Karen Walrond Sorry for the long absence; the truth is, my family and I have recently moved from my homeland of Trinidad & Tobago to Houston, Texas. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t had … Continue reading

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Little pitchers have big ears

by Anti-Racist Parent Columnist Jae Ran Kim, originally published at Harlow’s Monkey I began to reply to Susanna’s question on Anti-Racist Parent, but realized that my response was too long for the comment box, so I thought I would share … Continue reading

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Ask ARP: How to handle racist family members?

Dear Anti-Racist Parent,

ask anti-racist parentMy fiance and I are expecting a child soon. My family background is Cuban and his is Jamaican. To make a long story short, my family does not accept our relationship simply because he is black. I have since really not had a relationship with my family but now that a child is coming, I have been thinking about this issue more and more.

Continue reading

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