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Why Oh Why Are These T-Shirts Still Available?

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Paula, originally published at Heart, Mind and Seoul On numerous occasions in the past, I’ve been fairly unsuccessful in trying to convey how many times I’ve felt that the messages and attitudes perpetuated by our society … Continue reading

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When hospitals host family reunions: More about how racism destroys families

by Anti-Racist Parent Columnist Michelle Myers A month ago, my uncle tried to kill my aunt by shooting her in the head with a shotgun, and then he killed himself with it. It happened the day after I had emailed … Continue reading

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Should adoptive parents change their children’s names?

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Dawn Friedman I was stuck on what to write this week but Carmen shared a list of some of the keywords people use to find their way here and there was one that stuck out to … Continue reading

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