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Ask ARP: My husband regrets marrying a non-Polish woman. What should I do?

Dear Anti-Racist Parent, My husband was raised by his Polish parents they basically brainwashed him with ideas that he had to marry a Polish girl. His parents are very traditional. I met my husband 7 years ago and we married … Continue reading

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Some of My Best Friends (and Family) Are Racists

by guest contributor Rachel Sullivan, originally published at Rachel’s Tavern I remember an argument I had with my mother a few years back. I had brought my boyfriend, a black man, who I had been dating for 4 years, to … Continue reading

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When hospitals host family reunions: More about how racism destroys families

by Anti-Racist Parent Columnist Michelle Myers A month ago, my uncle tried to kill my aunt by shooting her in the head with a shotgun, and then he killed himself with it. It happened the day after I had emailed … Continue reading

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Ask ARP: I’m about to adopt transracially, but what do I do about my racist in-laws?

Dear Anti-Racist Parent, I need help finding out how to battle racist in-laws when we are adopting a child of a different race and I am so flabbergasted by the comments that come from their mouths. We went to the … Continue reading

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Little pitchers have big ears

by Anti-Racist Parent Columnist Jae Ran Kim, originally published at Harlow’s Monkey I began to reply to Susanna’s question on Anti-Racist Parent, but realized that my response was too long for the comment box, so I thought I would share … Continue reading

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