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Is it just me?

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Meera Bowman-Johnson, originally published at Not the Nanny My mother always told me not to stare, but I soon realized that’s not always possible. So I decided that at the very least, if one must silently … Continue reading

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Black History Month, Revisited

I wrote this piece a few years ago when I was a monthly columnist for a parenting-related site sponsored by a child advocacy organization. Disclaimer: I really enjoyed writing for that site, and my editor there was the best. However, … Continue reading

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Reclaiming the Holidays

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Natasha Sky Our family holidays and traditions focus on family. (We will be with more than 50 members of one side of my husband’s extended family for Thanksgiving next week.) Our family’s holiday celebrations also revolve … Continue reading

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Ask ARP: How should teachers handle books containing racial slurs?

Dear Anti-Racist Parent, My neighbors and I all have boys in the 3rd grade. A few weeks ago, their teacher was reading a story that included the n-word which prompted the kids to ask “what’s that?”. The teacher gave a … Continue reading

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Ask ARP: What should I do about nursery rhymes with a racist past?

Dear Anti-Racist Parent, I am a Mom of two girls and I live in Eastern Canada. I am looking for some advice about the children’s rhyme “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, Catch a tiger by the toe”. Last week, on the … Continue reading

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This is where we live.

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Jason Sperber This is where we live. A couple weeks ago, my wife and I took our almost-three-year-old daughter to her first county fair. She got to eat French fries and funnel cake, look at cows, … Continue reading

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Book Censorship: What’s an Anti-Racist Parent to Do?

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Dawn Friedman By now you may have read the article about Tintin in the Congo – the racist children’s book that’s being shelved in the (adult) graphic novel section after a lawyer registered a complaint saying, … Continue reading

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Why aren’t black mothers breastfeeding?

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Tiffany Pridgen Coming from a very conservative small town, breastfeeding was a topic that was never discussed outside the home and certainly not practiced in public. For context, in the same small town if you were … Continue reading

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Addressing the root of it all

by Anti-Racist Parent Columnist Liz Dwyer Thirty years have passed since the name “Kunta Kinte” was etched into my memory. The miniseries Roots was my first real education about the chattel slavery that held this nation in its grip for … Continue reading

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How should parents supplement the watered-down history children learn at school?

by Anti-Racist Parent Columnist Michelle Myers As a parent with a school-aged child, I struggle with how much I should interfere with what she learns at school. For example, I dread when Thanksgiving comes around because I’m always certain that … Continue reading

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MLK and Black History Month… Are You Ready?

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Sue Lyons-Joell As I’m writing this, MLK Day is approaching, and once again I brace myself for the onslaught that is Black History Month (BHM). Now, before anyone gets the wrong idea, I think the idea … Continue reading

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