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It takes a village: Can you anti-racist parent other folks’ kids?

written by Love Isn’t Enough editor Tami Winfrey Harris We’ve all heard the adage “It takes a village to raise a child.” When I was growing up in the 70s and 80s, this was true. It was not uncommon to … Continue reading

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When do you speak up?

written by Love Isn’t Enough contributor Renee; originally published at Womanist Musings I was reading Spark in Darkness when I came across the following question: If a friend or relative makes a racist or homophobic remark, do you tend to … Continue reading

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by guest contributor eliaday, originally published at Kimchi Mamas Last weekend, one of my old college roommates got married. My daughter and I attended the wedding, and had the chance to hang out with some of my old friends from … Continue reading

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How do other -isms intersect with racism?

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Dawn Friedman Before I had my kids I worked for a feminist organization that had the elimination of racism written into their institutional purpose. The YWCA’s mission statement ends with this line: The YWCA will thrust … Continue reading

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