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Welcome home, Sistah

written by Love Isn’t Enough contributor teendoc; originally published at Welcome to the Dollhouse Something about South Africa makes me believe in the improbability of blood memory, the concept that our historical roots and connections reside in some spectral remnant … Continue reading

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Something other than “other”

  Andrea Chia and Jerry Henry want their son, Quinn, to have the freedom to be something other than “other.” Do you have a similar story to share? (Hat tip to Adios Barbie and new ARP columnist Pia Guerrero) Tweet

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Reading with chopsticks

by Anti-Racist Parent contributor Jae-Ran Kim; originally posted at Harlow’s Monkey Last week our family went on our summer vacation and since I have been reading nothing but academic textbooks about research, statistics and public policy and social work theory, … Continue reading

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Explaining Michael Jackson

[Editor’s note: Not surprisingly, pop icon Michael Jackson has come up more than once in ARP discussions of race, self-esteem and Eurocentric beauty standards. How does one explain to children a young, black man seeming to morph into a white woman? … Continue reading

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Wait? You’re BROWN?

By Anti-Racist Parent columnist Liza Talusan, crossposted from To Loosen the Mind As many readers know, I work at a predominantly white college in the US, where I am one of a handful of professionals of color. To keep myself entertained … Continue reading

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Windows and mirrors

by Jae Ran Kim, crossposted from Harlow’s Monkey “Other people are the mirror in which we see ourselves.” – Beverly Tatum, PhD., author of “Why are  all the Black kids sitting together in the cafeteria?” [citing Charles Cooley] I came … Continue reading

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What am I first?

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Liza Talusan My children seem to have a knack for asking me really deep, thought-provoking questions at the most inconvenient times. Usually this is when we are racing out the door, late for school/work/day care. This … Continue reading

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Ain’t No Shame in Saying That I’m Asian

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Paula Perhaps it’s just me – but as a parent of a biracial daughter and an Asian son – it’s far from my dream as their mother to have either of them enter into their adulthood … Continue reading

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Review of Weaving a Family: Untangling Race and Adoption

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Cloudscome Weaving a Family: Untangling Race and Adoption by Barbara Katz Rothman. Beacon Press, 2005. Rothman is a professor of sociology at Baruch College, CUNY. She’s written several other books on motherhood, giving birth, race, and … Continue reading

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Columnist intro: Paula

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Paula It is an honor to participate in the dialogue here at Anti-Racist Parent as a columnist. As a Korean adoptee of white parents who is married to a white man with two children – including … Continue reading

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When intelligence is seen as “acting white”

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Tiffany Pridgen I spend a lot of time being the only black person in a group. I’m used to it — that’s the way it’s always been and it’s rare that I ever feel uncomfortable about … Continue reading

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Revisiting Desiree’s Baby

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Sue Lyons-Joell In 1893, Vogue magazine published the Kate Chopin story, “Desiree’s Baby”. The melodramatic tragedy set in antebellum Louisiana involves a foundling mother, her planter husband, and their newborn son. Desiree drowns her child and … Continue reading

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Columnist Intro: Mike

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Mike Lee

It is a privilege to be asked to be a guest blogger on Anti-Racist Parent. Until high school, I grew up in a predominantly non-Asian environment. I was one of those Asian-American kids who wished he was white with blond hair and blue eyes. A significant portion of my high school years was spent near or at the beach in Southern California, where most of my friends were either brown haired or blond. They always got the attention of the girls, and I was usually the nice “Asian” guy that the girls wanted as just a friend. The main Asian exposure I got back then was the Korean Church I attended, my best friend who was Korean, and my family. I look back at those days and think about how ignorant I was about the whole race identity issue. My friends back then never talked about race or racism. They were too busy trying to hook up with as many girls as they could. I just remember having low self esteem and trying so hard to fit in that I did not care so much for my Asian identity. If I ever got teased for being Asian, I would just shrug it off and smile, since I just wanted to be part of the “cool” group. Continue reading

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