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Quoted: Riding In Cars With Black People And Other Newly Dangerous Acts

“What I remember most about that first stop was that he asked “Where are you headed.” Not “license, registration and proof of insurance, please” ─ but “Where are you headed.” ── Eighteen years ─ nine months ─ sixteen days and … Continue reading

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Open thread: Rebecca Walker on capitalism and interracial adoption

Latoya shared this quote with her readers on Racialicious and I wanted us to take some time to discuss it on Anti-Racist Parent: It is beautiful that people can open their lives to human beings of any background, but I think … Continue reading

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ARP columnist responds to Hopgood’s Globe article on overseas adoption

written by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Jae Ran Kim; originally published at Harlow’s Monkey First, read Mei-Ling Hopgood’s article here. I have several thoughts about this article and in addition, some thoughts about the response(s) to the article that I have been … Continue reading

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Reading with chopsticks

by Anti-Racist Parent contributor Jae-Ran Kim; originally posted at Harlow’s Monkey Last week our family went on our summer vacation and since I have been reading nothing but academic textbooks about research, statistics and public policy and social work theory, … Continue reading

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Ask ARP: Is my wife making too much of our adopted child’s race?

Dear Anti-Racist Parent, My wife and I are adopting a little infant girl from Ethiopia. My wife has read 35 books, spends hours in adoption related chat rooms, has taken courses on caring for black kids’ hair and skin etc. Suffice … Continue reading

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