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Color an Indian: The Struggles of an Anti-Racist Parent

crossposted from Womanist Musings [Editor’s note: In honor of her blog’s first birthday, Renee at Womanist Musings has been sharing favorite posts from the site’s history. I thought this one was a gem that illustrates the vigilance needed in anti-racist … Continue reading

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ARP Tuesday Links

TIME magazine wonders “Should Race be a Factor in Adoption?” Should adoption agencies discriminate by race, or even by a person’s racial sensitivity? According to current U.S. law, no. Since 1996, it has been illegal to consider race when determining … Continue reading

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Finding a kindergarten for a multiracial family

by guest contributor Natasha Sky My oldest two children are eligible to attend public kindergarten next fall. They have been home full-time since birth, with their dad or me, pretty much living the play-centered life. I began making phone calls … Continue reading

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How should parents supplement the watered-down history children learn at school?

by Anti-Racist Parent Columnist Michelle Myers As a parent with a school-aged child, I struggle with how much I should interfere with what she learns at school. For example, I dread when Thanksgiving comes around because I’m always certain that … Continue reading

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