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Why aren’t black mothers breastfeeding?

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Tiffany Pridgen Coming from a very conservative small town, breastfeeding was a topic that was never discussed outside the home and certainly not practiced in public. For context, in the same small town if you were … Continue reading

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Revisiting Desiree’s Baby

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Sue Lyons-Joell In 1893, Vogue magazine published the Kate Chopin story, “Desiree’s Baby”. The melodramatic tragedy set in antebellum Louisiana involves a foundling mother, her planter husband, and their newborn son. Desiree drowns her child and … Continue reading

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Hear ARP columnist Jason on Toys R Us controversy

by Carmen Van Kerckhove Congrats to our columnist Jason Sperber! He appeared on the well-regarded Brian Lehrer Show on WNYC yesterday to discuss the controversy surrounding Toys R Us’s first baby contest. You can listen or download an MP3. In … Continue reading

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The nanny wars

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Meera Bowman Johnson, originally published at Our Kind of Parenting It was ninety-six degrees in the shade but I was way past the point of feeling cute in that Liz Lange swimsuit at our local pool … Continue reading

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