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Ebony and Ivory = Perfect Harmony in the Dorm Room?

[Editor's note: When I read the recent NYT article on interracial college roomates, I knew it was an issue that Anti-Racist Parent should tackle. Like many who have commented on the piece, I found it facile, simplistic. As someone who … Continue reading

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Is Privilege Offensive?

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Liza Talusan I experience privilege. I am college educated. I have a steady, salaried job. I am heterosexual. I have a house and a mortgage. Two cars. Two kids. One dog. I am able bodied. My … Continue reading

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Dating: The Next Generation

by Anti-Racist Parent Columnist Jae Ran Kim A few months ago my family reached a new milestone in our lives as a multi-racial family. My 14 year-old daughter has her first “boyfriend.” I have to admit that I have long … Continue reading

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I hope Katie rolls her eyes

by guest contributor Jen Chau, originally published at The time is always right… I hung out with Katie this weekend – she has gotten so big. The last time I saw her, she mostly looked at me with wide-open googly … Continue reading

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Black History Month, Revisited

I wrote this piece a few years ago when I was a monthly columnist for a parenting-related site sponsored by a child advocacy organization. Disclaimer: I really enjoyed writing for that site, and my editor there was the best. However, … Continue reading

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Columnist Intro: Deesha

by columnist Deesha Philyaw I like to talk about race. I joke that, as a black woman, particularly as a daughter of the American South, I was born to do it. I was born and raised in Florida by my … Continue reading

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This is where we live.

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Jason Sperber This is where we live. A couple weeks ago, my wife and I took our almost-three-year-old daughter to her first county fair. She got to eat French fries and funnel cake, look at cows, … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Churches

by guest contributor Nobody, originally published at Scraps by Nobody There once was a little white Baptist church, set on a plot of farmland that the pastor liked to call “sacred acre”. It was a small congregation, firmly mired in … Continue reading

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Still Maplewood: Wrong side of the tracks

by Helena Holgersson-Shorter, originally published in The Motherhood Magazine [Note from Carmen: Maplewood, NJ is known in the NYC area as a very diverse community. However, I felt that the themes discussed in this article are applicable to other communities … Continue reading

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Antiracist Black Family Seeks Antiracist White Families for Friendship, Camaraderie and Fun (race unimportant)

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Meera Bowman Johnson Recently, for the first time in what felt like forever, my husband and I left a child’s birthday party feeling like we’d enjoyed it as much as our kids. According to him, it … Continue reading

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Recommended Reading

by Anti-Racist Parent special correspondent Colin Bowden 4.17.2007: the shooter was korean american – Angry Asian Man The Angry Asian Man like many, can see the writing on the wall: there is a building anti-immigrant, anti-Asian prejudice after the shooting … Continue reading

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Columnist Intro: Tereza

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Tereza Topferova I am a white parent of a white toddler in the whitest major city in the U.S. Carmen’s work has inspired me to commit to putting anti-racist education and parenting at the center of … Continue reading

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Hope vs. Optimism

by ARP Columnist Jae Ran Kim, originally published at Kimchi Mamas I was pregnant with my daughter in April of 1992 when the police officers in the Rodney King beating were acquitted and the riots erupted in Los Angeles. I … Continue reading

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