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The first week of school and already a racist incident

By Guest Contributor Renee; originally published at Womanist Musings As much as I love my children, I was absolutely giddy to see them get on the school bus last week.  The unhusband and I were singing and dancing, as the … Continue reading

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Ask ARP: How can I stop my child’s father from teaching him the n-word?

Dear Anti-Racist Parent, I have a 17-month old son with my ex-boyfriend, who is now my best friend. We all live together. My ex is Hispanic and I am white. My son looks like me but has a darker complexion … Continue reading

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Ask ARP: How should teachers handle books containing racial slurs?

Dear Anti-Racist Parent, My neighbors and I all have boys in the 3rd grade. A few weeks ago, their teacher was reading a story that included the n-word which prompted the kids to ask “what’s that?”. The teacher gave a … Continue reading

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Ask ARP: What should I do about nursery rhymes with a racist past?

Dear Anti-Racist Parent, I am a Mom of two girls and I live in Eastern Canada. I am looking for some advice about the children’s rhyme “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, Catch a tiger by the toe”. Last week, on the … Continue reading

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10 Do’s and Don’ts for transracially adoptive parents

by Anti-Racist Parent Columnist Michelle Myers Like everyone else who grew up in the 70′s and 80′s, I loved watching “Different Strokes.” Of course, I was enamored with the show mainly because of Gary Coleman and waited with anticipation every … Continue reading

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Recommended reading

by Anti-Racist Parent special correspondent Colin Bowden The blindfold of “colorblind” Pt.1 – Ethnically Incorrect Daughter “As I’ve mentioned many times before, my family practiced a kind of colorblindness when it came to me. I guess they figured if they … Continue reading

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Careful the things we say – and don’t say

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Ji In How do you say to a child in the night, ‘Nothing’s all black, but then nothing’s all white’? How do you say it will all be all right, When you know that it mightn’t … Continue reading

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