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The “Mi Pobre Hijo” Syndrome

written by Latina Fatale; originally posted at Latina Fatale (via Adios Barbie) As feminists we often hear about patriarchy, sexism, and how women have been oppressed by men. We talk less about how women also perpetuate patriarchy by reinforcing sexism … Continue reading

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Girls can do anything: Ask Emily Yeung

written by Anti-Racist Parent contributor Renee; originally posted at Womanist Musings I am constantly looking for images of girls defying the gender binary to teach my boys about equality.  I have recently started to talk to them about Emily Yeung.  … Continue reading

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Motherhood and Michelle

Over on my blog and on Racialicious, I recently wrote about the difference in how white women and black women view the MSM’s feminizing of First Lady Michelle Obama (i.e. it’s focus on her clothes, appearance and role as a mother.)  … Continue reading

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Outsourced parenting: Sexism, racism and classism

Crossposted from What Tami Said It is probably heresy for the editor of a parenting blog to admit ambivalence about parenting, but here’s the deal: I’ve never had a strong desire to be a parent. I like children. I enjoy … Continue reading

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The Wrong Kind of Asian

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Paula Apparently I was the first Asian Rick had ever seen in real life – up close and personal. “Wow. You are so healthy looking. I mean, I think it’s great. I just didn’t think. . … Continue reading

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Seeing pink

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Jason Sperber Before my daughter was born, I knew what kind of father I wanted to be for her. My babygrrl was going to be raised to be a fierce, strong woman of color. I was … Continue reading

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by guest contributor eliaday, originally published at Kimchi Mamas Last weekend, one of my old college roommates got married. My daughter and I attended the wedding, and had the chance to hang out with some of my old friends from … Continue reading

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How do other -isms intersect with racism?

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Dawn Friedman Before I had my kids I worked for a feminist organization that had the elimination of racism written into their institutional purpose. The YWCA’s mission statement ends with this line: The YWCA will thrust … Continue reading

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